4-Hour Workweek: Dreamline Target Monthly Income & Next Steps

I’m re-reading Tim Ferriss’s 4-Hour Workweek, a book that first caught my attention and imagination when I was in high school, over a decade ago. Now, I’m going through the book again at the age of 26– and trying to turn ideas into action. I’ve always been intrigued by the ideas in the 4-Hour Workweek. Here are my experiments with them, as I try to bring my dreams to life.

In my last post, I came up with a list of dreamline items, and picked out my 4 dreamline goals for the next 6 months, and my 4 for the next 12 months.

Here, I’ll do the next part of the exercise— calculating Target Monthly Income (TMI) for each of the selected dreamline items. For any of the chosen dreamline items that have an associated cost, I’ll list that out here. It might be a monthly expense, or it might be total cost of purchase broken down over the 6 or 12 months I want to have it in.

Once I’ve calculated TMI for each dreamline, I’ll write down action steps for just the 6-month dreamline— 3 next steps for each of the 4 items. The steps will be things I can do today (immediately), the next day, and the day after that. As always, the 4-Hour Workweek encourages action.

6-Month Dreamline

  1. Have less stuff – a more minimalist living space, with only useful or beautiful items.
  2. Be healthy. More energetic, less in pain, recharged and ready to take on each day. —> Explore natural healing. Find good healthcare providers. Spend time every day relaxing and taking care of myself. Incorporate gentle movement into my routine.
  3. Read books – read and examine great novels, both for enjoyment and for education.
  4. Travel to somewhere unique, inspiring, and possibly remote during a week-long trip with Matt.

12-Month Dreamline

  1. Own a house – mine to live in, customize, and renovate.
  2. Be a globetrotter – able to pick up and travel for new adventures and locations. —> Have 3 trips abroad to interesting destinations during the next 12 months.
  3. Spend most of my time creating, building and tinkering in my home studio. Spending multiple hours a day just working on passion projects and crafts, especially sewing.
  4. Connect with the makers, creators, and writers I’ve admired from afar my whole life.

Target Monthly Income

6 Months

  • Have less stuff – $1000 in organization supplies and furniture – $167/mo
  • Be healthy – natural medicine, preventative care, doctor’s visits, exercise classes – $200/mo
  • Read books – purchasing books – $50/mo
  • Travel internationally – $5000 for one trip, or $833/mo

6-Month TMI: $1250/mo

12 Months

  • Own a house – $150k house, $30k down payment ($2500/mo) and $760/mo in a 30-year mortgage, taxes, and fees – $3260/mo
  • Be a globetrotter/ 3 international trips – $15k for 3 trips – $1250/mo
  • Spend most of my time creating – supplies and tools for $300/mo
  • Connect with other makers and creators – no cost

12-Month TMI: $4810/mo

Next Steps for the 6-Month Dreamline


  1. Pack a bag of donation items and drop off at goodwill after therapy. done
  2. Do a 2-minute breath meditation. done
  3. Pick out a theme of books to read. done
  4. Purchase new suitcase & packing cubes. done


  1. Select 30 more items to toss or give away.
  2. Pick out and order new skincare products to try out. done
  3. Select 12 books to read in the next 6 months. done
  4. Come up with a list of possible destinations to share with Matt.

The Next Day

  1. Find or purchase 1 organization tool (shelf, hooks, bins) to use in our space.
  2. Start a new skincare routine.
  3. Start reading the first book. done
  4. Ask around to friends who have visited our top pick destinations.

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