Better Vacation Choices

A weekend trip, or camping gear? I’ve been thinking hard about where to spend my recreation dollars this fall.

I have a Southwest Companion Pass expiring this year, and Matt and I have been talking about taking a short trip somewhere in the US this fall. Might as well take advantage of the miles, right? Between my points and the companion pass, travel would be free.

But these days, air travel can be one of the cheapest expenses while traveling. Hotels, Airbnbs, food, ground transportation, pet sitting, it all adds up.

What would we spend to go on our “free” trip? $1000? What if we sunk that into camping equipment instead?

A couple of good sleeping bags, a 3-season tent, and two backpacks can be had for around the same price. And they can be used season after season, and year after year at local and national parks.

The better vacation choice might be to invest in some gear up front, and go on a different kind of trip closer to home.

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