Rothy’s: One Week In

Rothy's: One Week In

I recently dropped some cash on a pair of Rothy’s flats. I never thought I’d spend $125 on a single pair of flats, but Rothy’s made some big promises– stylish, comfortable, durable, and made from recycled materials.

I first heard about Rothy’s a couple of years ago, when a friend ordered a pair of their pointed toe flats. They looked gorgeous. And when I went online and looked them up, I found out that the shoes were made out of recycled water bottles. They were washable, and plenty of Rothy’s owners said their shoes still looked brand new after months of wear. They were based in San Francisco. I forgot about Rothy’s for a while. They cost more than I was willing to spend on a pair of shoes, and that was that. Fast forward a couple of years, a half dozen pairs of shoes that fit poorly or didn’t match my style, and Rothy’s started to seem like a good option again. A Pinterest marketing campaign put me over the edge– I asked my Rothys-wearing friend for a referral code and placed a $115 order for a pair of the round toe flats. (My friend now owns 3 pairs, wears them regularly, and loves them, which is a pretty strong testimonial.)

Here’s what I learned just one week into owning these shoes:

    1. Rothy’s has surprisingly good (if slow) customer service.

      I ordered my shoes online. Two days later, I got an email notification that the flats were at my mailbox– but when I went downstairs, no sign of shoes. I waited 3 days per the recommendation on their site, then emailed Support. I was impatient. The shoes were now 3 days overdue, and every reply from a Support rep took more than 24 hours. At first, the rep just asked me to confirm my address– what a waste of time, I thought. Clearly there was something wrong with the USPS tracking.

      Well, it turns out I had accidentally shipped my flats to the building next door. Oops. My shoes had been delivered on time, just not to my address. As soon as I replied back, Rothy’s shipped me a new pair free of charge. I ran over to the building next door and saw my shoes inside, but since I didn’t have building access and didn’t see anyone entering or exiting the building, I had no way to get the shoes back to Rothy’s. Luckily, a day or two later, I saw that USPS had returned the package to sender.

      A+ for great support, and not making me feel dumb for mistyping my address.

    2. The shoes are really soft.

      These shoes are softer and stretchier than I initially expected. I knew they were made of a woven material, but still– my feet slid in with no resistance even the very first time I put them on. I felt like I was wearing a sock, not a flat.

    3. You can see the shape of your foot in the shoe.

      Yeah, you can see the outline of your toes. No, that doesn’t make the shoes look bad. As long as you’re not squeezing into a pair of too-tight Rothy’s, the toe outline will be pretty minimal and the flats will still look polished. Keep in mind that Rothy’s do not stretch as you wear them. You want a size that fits straight out of the box.

    4. They get sweaty (and smelly!) just like any other flat.

      With all the talk of how breathable these flats were, I was hoping they’d be almost smell-free. But after walking to work and wearing these in the office on a few hot days, there was a noticeable stench. I’d say it took ~3 days for the flats to get smelly. Keep in mind, this is in pretty hot, San Francisco late-summer weather. Mid- to high-80s. Now that I’m walking around in cooler weather, the smell isn’t a problem.Given that I live in California, and our weather is pretty stable year-round, I will probably wear these shoes in late fall, winter, and early spring, when foot sweat won’t be as much of a problem.

    5. They are not cat-claw proof.

      Our cat, Reggie, loves shoes. When you come home and kick your shoes off, he buries his head in the heel and takes a big whiff. Sometimes he hugs the shoes to his little kitty chest and kicks vigorously with his back claws. He didn’t seem to do this with my Rothy’s, so I left them out on our shoe rack.A few days later, I found him scratching up the insole of one of my Rothy’s with his front claws. He snagged the fiber, and now there’s a 1-inch thread hanging out of one of my insoles. Luckily, I’ve worn the flats since, and there has been no further fraying. I also don’t feel the loose thread in my shoe, so it’s not uncomfortable or anything.

      And luckily, he got the insole and not the outside of the shoe. Rothy’s sells replacement insoles for $10, and I’ll probably get a pair the next time I order from them. (I’ll have to wait and see how the shoes hold up, but yes, there will probably be a next order.)

Honestly, I’m pretty happy with my Rothy’s so far. They are far more comfortable than any other flat I have worn. I haven’t had a single problem with blisters or foot pain. They make my wide, flat feet very happy.

I’ll have to update or write a new post in another 6 months, once I’ve worn the flats regularly and washed them a couple of times.

P.S. Need a referral code? Here’s my link. We’ll both get $20 off a pair of flats if you purchase.

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