Why It’s Still A Good Idea to Write Every Day

If you write for the internet, I can promise that you’ve asked yourself some variation of this question at least once: “How often should I write?” This question comes in several other forms. “How often should I post?” Or, “What should my editorial calendar look like?”

I recently heard someone share their tips and tricks as a full-time blogger. This person started their blog in 2007-2008, and they mentioned that they used to blog every single day. Mostly, it was an SEO trick. Blogs that produced a lot of content daily ranked higher in search engines like Google, which produced a lot more organic search traffic. Blogging every day was a sure fire way to increase your page views and grow your readership.  I’d heard that blogging everyday was good practice, but mostly from people who started blogging around the same time.

But today’s advice is a little different. It’s quality over quantity. Having more posts won’t necessarily let you rank higher in search, unless those posts are truly amazing.

So the new advice given to bloggers is this: Post regularly, but not daily. Push out the best content you can. Refine what you have until it is outstanding. If you have to make a choice, choose great content over frequent content. 

But blogging daily, or at least writing daily, can still serve us. And it’s not just an SEO trick.

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